Welcome to the homepage of the Chicago Airsoft Association.

The Chicago Airsoft Association was started in the fall of 1999 as a forum or group online for airsofters to try to find each other and organize games.  In 1999.. paintball fields were not organizing anything or even letting airsofters on fields.  Most games were taking place on friends properties with waivers and nothing more then a handshake and maybe someone that did not mind running a game or building a few props.

We have come a long way since then.   Here in 2016 if you want to play airsoft in the Chicago area, there is no shortage of fields and buisinesses that are here to help you.

The CAA is a team based member organization, or a league, that basically supports our membership by organizing private games for our member teams.  A secondary mission of the organization is to provide support to area buisinesses and groups in the hope that being a good neighbor will enhance the sport in the area and work to strengthen our organization.

We invite you to collaborate on our facebook group : link, facebook page : link, and to get involved on IllinoisAirsoft.com.